About Us

We are a small local breeder in southeasten New York State and after raising several breeds of chickens for almost a decade, we have decided to concentrate our efforts on raising only French Black Copper Marans,Blue Copper Marans,Splash Marans and Welsummers. We are only interested in the quality of the birds we raise and not quantity.At this time, due to our small size breeding operation we hatch to order.
Both the Marans and the Welsummers are cold hardy breeds and lay beautiful dark brown eggs.Marans are good foraging birds and tend not to damage gardens when scratching for food.

Both Marans and Welsummers are very friendly birds
and do well with all members of the family.
  • We are members of American Poultry Assoc.
  •  The Marans Chicken Club USA
  •  Marans of America Club
  • Welsummer Club of North America
  • All our chicks are sold striaght run only
  • Our chicks are hatched here on premises
  • All our birds are in coops and runs, no cages
  • They also free range
  • Our chickens are happy and healthy
  • We can deliver chicks within 25 miles