French Blue Copper Marans

$10.00 for chicks
$25.00 for Pullets

Above are prices for our Blues
Prices for our French Black Copper Marans are $ 12.00 for chicks and
$ 30.00 for Pullets. Splash Marans are same price as Welsummers.

French Black Copper Marans

$ 12.00 each
for roosters
$ 30.00 for hens

These Black Copper Marans are from our Greenfire Farm chicks we purchased which were bred from their French imports
Call for prices on roosters if availible

We sell fresh eggs locally $ 5.00 a dozen.


$8.00 for chicks
$18.00 for Pullets

Our Welsummers are super tame and gentle birds. Their eggs are very dark brown in color.

These are our prices for chicks,pullets and roosters for French Black Copper Marans,French Blue Copper Marans, Splash Marans and Welsummers
We do  sell hatching eggs for pickup only.
Black and Blue Marans $7.00 each Welsummers $5.00 each
All prices are subject to change

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